Primary Idols, The Drake Hotel, Modern Wing Extension (2nd, 3rd & 4th floors), 2021. 

3 hand-painted wall mirrors. Dimensions: 8ft x 15 ft. See more here.


The GlorifiedOutside the Box, StreetARToronto, 2022. 

Spray-painted traffic signal box.


The Lovers, Humber Bay Shores, Bell Box Murals Project, 2022.

Spray-painted bell box alongside the work of Wenting Li.


Mid-Century Modern Furniture, York Centre: Duke Heights BIA, Bell Box Murals Project, 2021. 

Hand-painted bell box. See more here


Women Surrounded by Flowers, Outside the Box, StreetARToronto, 2021. 

Hand-painted traffic signal box. See more here.