About Me

Sarah Alinia Ziazi is a Toronto based artist and illustrator who holds a BDs in Illustration from OCAD University. She is passionate about creating images from personal experiences to conceptual narratives. Reoccurring themes of identity and nostalgia are used to provide engaging connections through the use of traditional and digital mediums. She is a recipient of numerous awards and has exhibited artworks in several Canadian galleries. As a freelance illustrator, she has worked for reputable international clientele and has showcased her work in published forums and magazines. 

Please get in touch through sarahaliniaziazi@gmail.com


Drake Hotel Properties. Variety Magazine. StreetARToronto. Xpace Cultural Centre. OCAD University Student Union. Nuance Publication powered by Medium.com. Never Later Events. SmART Magazine. 




      BDes, Illustration, OCAD University, Toronto, ON

Awards & Residencies

      Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition

      The Jonathan LeVine Gallery Blurred Line Scholarship Award

      American Illustration 36, Chosen

      Plex Gallery, ArtCube Series Competition, Second Runner-Up

      Artscape Gibraltar Point: Student Gallery Island Residency, Artist in Residence

Public Art & Screenings

      2021 Drake Hotel Properties, 4 hand-painted murals and vinyl cutouts (forthcoming)

      2021 Mural Routes, In Our Nature, The Toronto Zoo, 5 hand-painted portrait murals

      2021 Dance Together Festival, Mimico Square, Etobicoke, hand-painted ground mural

      2021 York Centre Bell Box Murals Project, hand-painted traffic signal box

      2021 Agincourt Bell Box Murals Project, hand-painted traffic signal box

      2021 StreetARToronto, Outside the Box, hand-painted traffic signal box

      2021 StreetARToronto, Richmond Street Cycle Track Barrier Murals: Cycling Is Elemental: Air

      2020 StreetARToronto, Scarlett Road Cycle Track Barrier Murals: Stories On Scarlett: Fauna

      2019 Artsideout, In-Between, University of Toronto: Scarborough Campus

      2019 Amor, Womxns Collective Show, Knxw Love Gallery

      2018 Artsideout, Rebirth, University of Toronto: Scarborough Campus

      2017 Lucid Dream, Artists in Wonderland, OCAD U: The Great Hall

      2017 Iridescence, Greenhouse Art Show, Civis Toronto

      2017 Xpace Fundraiser Exhibition & Sale, Xpace Art Centre

      2015 Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF), Toronto Reference Library

      2015 Boner Kill Feminist Collective Screening, Art Gallery of Ontario 

Solo Exhibitions

      2019 'Illustrative Works on Paper,' Cedar Ridge Creative Centre 

Collective Exhibitions 

     2019 Group Exhibition & Market 'Where We Are,' Beaver Hall Gallery

     2017 TAYO Collective, ‘Who’s Mxns,’ 187 Augusta Avenue

     2017 American Illustration 36: Canadian Winners Exhibition, Northern Contemporary Gallery

     2017 Toronto Design Directory, ‘Swash & Serif,’ Northern Contemporary Gallery

     2017 Society of Illustrators, ‘Student Scholarship Show,’ Society of Illustrators Gallery, NYC

     2017 OCAD U Annual GradEx 102, OCAD University

     2016 OCAD U, 'Pride: Student Exhibition,' OCADU: The Great Hall

     2016 Heart On, ‘Hold On To Me,’ Xpace Art Centre

     2016 OCAD U, 'Homework: Illustrative Drawing and Painting Exhibition,' Artscape Youngplace

     2015 OCAD U, 'Scotibank‘s Student Contact Photography Festival,' OCADU: The Great Hall

     2015 Fake Geek Girls Like Us, 'Pop Up Event,' Annex Art Centre

Print Publications 

     2021 Wandering Autumn Magazine, International Women’s Day. Curated by Melanie Kenny.

     2017 21 Missed Connections. Curated by Kendra Yee..

     2017 Duty Free Zine. Curated by Misbah Ahmed.

     2016 LooseLeaf Magazine, 2nd Issue.

     2016 Theory Boner Zine, 2nd Issue: Manifesto.

     2015 Patterns Magazine, 1st Issue: Apathy.

     2015 Boner Kill Feminist Collective Zine, 1st Issue: Sexy Back.

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